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Monday, December 3, 2012

A Military Thank You!

We at Stamping Details always want to give back to our military who serve our country so unselfishly.  That is why every opportunity we get we send pre-made cards to our military men & women.  Today we received this Thank You letter that we thought we would share..... 

Dear DiAnn and gang,

Good morning from Kabul, Afghanistan!!

Once again, on behalf of many US military and civilians, a heartfelt and heartful THANK YOU to you all for your lovely handmade cards!!  They are so appreciated by so many!  I've really enjoyed watching folks 'scroll' through the box to pick the perfect card for a loved one - they're been estactic to have the opportunity to select and then send the cards 'home'. 

One of the best moments was when standing next to the box [it sits in the break room] and talking with one of the young civilian guards who works in the building.  I saw a card for a young girl and when he told me he has a 7 yr old daughter, I handed the card and told him to send to her.  He hadn't thought about it but then thought, wow, since his notes home have been email or something addressed to his wife, and not the kids.  So thank you for touching so many lives and loved ones!

We all truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!!

Hugs from afar!

This just makes our day here at Stamping Details.  Remember, if you have an extra moment to make an extra card or two we will include it with ours and send in our next package!


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