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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Create a Background for our A-List Banner!

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Every since we opened Stamping Details we've seen our customers coming out of our classroom with beautiful and creative class projects. Two years ago we thought it would be fun to give some of you a chance to show off your artistic flair by creating new artwork for the banner image we are using for the A-List article on our homepage. We received some great submissions and it was fun for everyone to see artwork from our customers – so we're doing it again this year!
We hope you will be inspired and have fun creating a project that we can use in the background of our A-List banner image. We're looking forward to seeing your creations and displaying them on our homepage!

How to Create Your Project

Create your project using your favorite media and techniques: inks, paints, rubber stamping, collaging, on paper, canvas, metal, ...?
Just because we'll be using your project for a "background" doesn't mean it can't be a complete finished project with foreground and background elements. Take a look at our 2011 A-List banners and you'll see a wide range of complete projects that we then used as the background image in our banners.
You don't need to use a computer (unless you want to).
Your artwork should be no bigger than 8" x 10", and not too thick, so that we can place it in our scanner. From 1" x 4" up to 2" x 8" is ideal – but as long as it's not too small or too big we can scan it and scale the size of the image as needed.
Keep in mind that certain materials and techniques, such as thick embellishments or subtle embossing, do not scan well.
We don't plan on moving or resizing the foreground elements: the A-List logo, our logo, the "Vote for" and the credit text. If necessary we will change the color of the credit text to make it visible on the background.

Submitting Your Project

Print your name, as you would like it to appear on our website, on the back of your project(s). Also print your phone number and email address so that we can contact you if we need to. We will not publish or release your contact information.
Leave your project(s) at our store with one of our employees.
If you prefer to scan your artwork and email it to us, you can email it to us at
You can submit projects anytime within the A-List voting period, which is June 24th to August 18th; but the sooner you submit the better your chances to have your project be one of the many that we plan on choosing and incorporating into our banner. We're hoping to get enough projects to keep us busy changing our banner with a new background every few days!

Using Your Project

Throughout the A-List voting period (June 24th to August 18th) we will be selecting and using several projects. If we select your project we'll scan it. We'll scale and crop the scanned image, add the A-List logo, our logo and text, and your name in a "background artwork by" credit.

A-List Banner Gallery

Check here to see the gallery of the A-List banners that we've displayed on our homepage this year.

2011 A-List Banner Gallery

Here is the gallery of the 2011 A-List banners that we displayed on our homepage in 2011. Congratulations and thank you to everyone whose artwork we used!


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